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The Blueprint

The National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety was always intended to inspire the mobilization of efforts to promote and improve motorcycle safety on all levels. It was Dr. Sue Bailey, Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who referred to the NAMS document in her Forward Letter as "…a blueprint for the future." And as such, it is this blueprint that serves as the template for this site focused on the goal of safer motorcycling.

Participation on this site is enhanced through familiarity with the NAMS document itself. If you have a copy, be sure to keep it handy for reference. If you need a copy, you can order a hardcopy and/or CD free of charge through NHTSA by clicking on the document image on the left.

Take Action

The Administrator of NHTSA also mentioned in the NHTSA NAMS Forward Letter, "My challenge to you, the motorcycling and traffic safety communities is to take action on those parts of the National Agenda that you can support so the recommendations become reality and motorcycle safety is enhanced." She goes on to add, "I believe there is something in the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety for everyone to work toward. The motorcycling and traffic safety communities must give it life."

Tim Buche, MSF President wrote in the MSF NAMS Forward Letter, "…we urge you to consider and act on these very important recommendations. It is, indeed, time to take action, and it’s the dynamic and active nature of the motorcycle community that must fuel that action."

Joining this forum can serve as a first step for those who wish to discover how they can lend their time and energy in the quest for ways to improve safety for motorcycling. Those who are already engaged in efforts that further this cause can use the forum as an adjunct to their on-going work.


We wish to acknowledge the many organizations who have offered their endorsement and support of this site by posting their logos to the left of this page.