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Welcome to the NAMS Implementation Project

If you have interest of any sort in Motorcycle Safety, then this is the place for you! This site exists for one primary purpose: to make certain the recommendations delivered by the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety go beyond the written page. This site will serve as the Rallying Point for the many diverse individuals and entities who desire to contribute to motorcycle safety. So welcome to this gathering place where collaboration among peers is the norm!

The Project Mission

Steve Zimmer, a member of the Technical Working Group which was responsible for the development of the NAMS, put it best when he said, "…so we don’t have to bury another friend." He made that comment at the NAMS Blue Ribbon Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona as they began the work of refining the final draft of the NAMS document.

More specifically, this site is focused on furthering the recommendations set forth by the NAMS. The variety of entities from the safety and enthusiast communities who can do this is as diverse as the motorcycling community itself. We come here with many different skills and interests, but with one single purpose: to make motorcycling safer for all who share the road.

This project will create no work product, but rather, it will serve as "Main Street" for the gathering of all who have the motive and/or means to make a difference. The measure of its success will lie in the outcomes brought about by its "citizens," all of you, the ones who will make it happen.

Where does it come from?

The site itself is made possible by a combined effort of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the original sponsors and organizers of the NAMS itself.

The ultimate success of this effort will be determined by the community that forms within. You, its citizens, will provide the inspiration and sense of urgency needed to finally give life to the NAMS recommendations.

This place is not where it will happen, but where it begins. It is a place that is specifically designed to honor the power of one and respect the strength of many.